Friday 20 November 2009

Quotes of the Week

Times editor James Harding announcing at the Society of Editors' conference how the paper will charge users of its website: "We are involved in the fight of our lives to make sure we can put independent reporting on an economically sustainable footing."

Nick Ferrari on Question Time about new EU president Herman van Rompuy: "If he does some some pumpy it will be a tabloid headline writer's dream."

Grey Cardigan on tabloid coverage of the 'Night Stalker' suspect case: "I know that the red-tops play fancy-free with Contempt of Court, but The Sun’s coverage of the Delroy Grant case doesn’t so much as drive a coach and horses through the 1981 Act but makes a complete fucking mockery of it."

Press Complaints Commission chairman Baroness Peta Buscombe agrees with Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger's claim that the PCC does not have investigatory powers:"He's right...We are not a police force. We must not tread on the toes of the criminal justice system. We are more of a moderator."

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear on the election campaign for the new editor of the Journalist: "I've kept as quiet as possible during the campaign about the relative merits of candidates but I am angry at the way Richard Simcox was attacked and the union's reputation rubbished by Mark Watts. Richard didn't deserve that."

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