Friday 13 November 2009

No extra extension for Journalist ballot

This will probably come as a relief. Following requests from two candidates standing in the election for editor of the Journalist for an extension to the ballot, the NUJ has taken advice from the Electoral Reform Services which has said it does not need to be extended.
The advice was: "The close of your current Election of Editor of the Journalist ballot has already been delayed from the 6th November to Monday 16th November and it is our opinion that this delay is perfectly sufficient.
"Planned recent strike action was suspended, and Royal Mail has stated that the backlogs have been cleared and that mail services in all areas are now operating normally and without delays to mail following the recovery of services after recent strike action.
"Therefore the count for the election will take place as planned on Monday 16th November at 1.30pm at Electoral Reform Services." One candidate told me: "I think ERS has made the right decision. I can't see why anyone would need to extend the ballot any further."
So whose going to win? Much of the publicity in the election has centred around Mark Watts, one of the candidates believed to have wanted the extension, and his attacks on NUJ Left supported Rich Simcox. An insider, however, told me their favourite is Daily Star NUJ FoC Steve Usher who has heavyweight support within the union. But it's a secret ballot so no-one really knows

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