Saturday 21 November 2009

NUJ ADM: turkeys finally vote for Christmas

When I used to cover the NUJ ADM there were always motions aimed at saving the union money which called for the frequency of the conference to be held less often than once a year.
Getting delegates to back such a motion, even at times when the union's finances were in a parlous state, proved impossible.
Delegates like going to ADM so getting them to agree to hold the conference less often was likened to trying to persuade turkeys to vote for Christmas.
But now the turkeys have voted for change after Motion 1 was passed at the conference in Southport which will make the ADM be held every 18 months - saving the union £195,000.
The move hasn't been welcomed in all quarters. I received an email about the decision which was tagged "NUJ democracy being destroyed in Southport".
Chris Wheal and his team of 25 students are doing a great job covering the conference with words, video clips and superb pictures - even if some of the delegates objected to having their pictures taken after one of the student's shots of Socialist Worker being sold outside the conference hall was lifted and used by the far right website Redwatch.


Unknown said...

I agree Chris Wheal and his team are doing a great job. Their clear reporting has, however, for me, highlighted a worrying issue. The age of delegates seem to be getting much older. I was on the NEC nine years ago, and there does not seem to be much new blood at the ADM. From the perspective of my PC, it looks like a cross between a meeting of Friends Reunited and a Remembrance Day service.What is the average age of delegates? Does it matter? Is it good or bad for the union

Trevor Goodchild (ex Reuters and BBC)

Caroline Beavon said...

As one of the students working at the ADM, and having my first NUJ event experience, I can say I was surprised at the range of ages here. Yes, there are students (in their early 20's) and the older hacks, but there is a population of young up-and-coming activists who are pushing this NUJ forward.
I would, however, like to see the younger student body given a little more presence in the future, and I hope our work this weekend will go some way to encourage that.