Monday 16 November 2009

Monbiot responds to Newspaper Girl

George 'local newspapers aren't worth saving' Monbiot has responded to Newspaper Girl:
"Thank you for your message. My column was not an attack on all the journalists working for local papers. I agree that many of them - like you - are hard-working and dedicated (though I have also met plenty of jobsworths and time-servers, as in any organisation). But the question I was addressing was whether local papers, overall, are an asset or a liability to democracy and social justice.
"In my experience, many of them are a liability, supporting power in all its forms, shutting out the voices of those who challenge it. In this respect they scarcely differ from some of the nationals, such as the Mail, the Express and the Telegraph. Are we not to criticise any of these papers for fear of upsetting their journalists?
"As for the idea that I'm biting the hand that feeds me, you might be right. But I would argue that this is what journalism should be doing: challenging everyone, including advertisers, proprietors and business associates.
"With best wishes,

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