Tuesday 10 November 2009

Journalist election: You can't change your mind

Given the almost daily allegations being thrown around in the election for the editor of the NUJ mag the Journalist, I was asked whether it was possible to change your vote.
It seems that some of those who voted early in the election are so appalled by the antics they would like to change the order of preference they gave to the eight people up for the post.
But I am told: "Once a ballot has been cast, it's not possible to change your vote."
The ballot closes on November 16.


Martin Stabe said...

That's a shame. I would also like to change my vote.

Whealie said...

If enough people complain to the NUJ, it might be interesting to see what happens.

How many people have complained, I wonder?

I voted late, so have no issue, I should point out.

I would have voted for Watts higher, but luckily he revealed himself early enough for me to put him 8.