Monday 23 November 2009

12 journalists killed in Philippines' massacre

At least 12 journalists were killed today in Maguindanao province, on the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, by armed men. More than 30 other people were believed to be murdered.
“Never in the history of journalism have the news media suffered such a heavy loss of life in one day,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We convey our condolences and sympathy to all journalists in the Philippines, who are in state of shock after this appalling massacre.”
The press freedom organisation added: “We have often condemned the culture of impunity and violence in the Philippines, especially Mindanao. This time, the frenzied violence of thugs working for corrupt politicians has resulted in an incomprehensible bloodbath. We call for a strong reaction from the local and national authorities.”
RWB said the massacre took place a few hours after around 50 gunmen led by Andal Ampatuan Jr., the mayor of Shariff Aguak, a municipality in Maguindanao province, and a police inspector identified solely by the name of Dicay kidnapped members of a large convoy of supporters of Esmael Mangudadatu, an Ampatuan clan opponent who wants to run for governor.
BBC News puts the death toll at 21 but adds: "The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said 12 of the 21 killed were reporters, and called for justice for the victims."
"This is a direct challenge to our efforts to strengthen democracy in this country," AFP news agency quoted NUJP spokesman Jaime Espina as saying.

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Somebody has to put this to stop... How come Filipinos are becoming violent? I don't see this in their culture... very sad news indeed.