Friday 13 November 2009

Monbiot backlash reaches Guardian letters

Lead letters in the Guardian today take on George Monbiot's provocative claim that local papers aren't worth saving.
Contributors include the boss of Guardian Media Group's Regional Media Mark Dodson. He writes: "Monbiot's dismissive attack on their community value only demonstrated how out of touch he is. Journalists across the country work tirelessly to bring the local establishment to account."
Sharpest comment comes from Neil Hodgkinson, editor of the Cumberland News and News & Star. He writes: "Recent economic times have been a challenge, but not to our integrity. We keep going, despite so-called commentators trying to kill us off with their alleged expert opinions. Thankfully, it is the readers who will have the final say on our future. In a survey last month, 80% of a sample 500 people in north Cumbria said they had read a copy of the Cumberland News in the last 12 months while 52% had read the daily News & Star. The next best-read papers were the Mail and Sun (both 22%). The Guardian came in at 6% – 1% less than the Daily Star."

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