Tuesday, 12 October 2010

X-Factor gets more coverage than child benefit

TV show The X-Factor got more press coverage than the scrapping of child benefit for the higher paid, in the week ending Sunday 10 October, according to journalisted.

The X-Factor, with the press calling for the return of ex-contestant Gamu Nhengu, generated 379 articles; Government cuts to child benefit, with David Cameron apologising but insisting they are necessary, 335 articles; the newly elected Shadow Cabinet, 150 articles; and the toxic spill in Hungary, killing nearby villagers and polluting the Danube river, 73 articles;

According to journalisted, "covered little" were the terrorist mortar attack on British diplomats travelling by car in Yemen, 17 articles; the general election in Bosnia, won by the moderate Party of Democractic Action, 10 articles; and the arrest of a Mai-Mai rebel commander, Lt. Col. Mayele, thought to have led the mass rape atrocities in the Congo this summer, 4 articles.

Journalisted also noted that X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole, following her rejection of Gamu Nhengu, generated 179 articles compared to Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese dissident awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, who was the subject of 52 articles.

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