Friday, 15 October 2010

NUJ says BBC £2billion pension deficit 'a sham'

Unions representing BBC staff claimed today they have been leaked figures drawn up for the corporation by financial consultants' which show management have overestimated the pension deficit at £2billion.

The unions say they have been leaked figures drawn up for the BBC by financial consultants which put the pension deficit at just under £1 billion.

According to the NUJ, the pension scheme’s actuaries are believed to be quoting a figure of £1.5 billion. The amounts are different because some things are variable, like the length of time pensioners will live. The actuaries and the BBC will have to agree on a final figure.

NUJ general secretary, Jeremy Dear said: “The BBC sought to sell its pensions robbery by claiming it had to plug a £2bn deficit. If today's figures are true, that has now been exposed as a sham.

"The BBC's credibility is in tatters and their justification for these punitive changes completely undermined. They must now come clean and re-start negotiations with everything on the table."
  • Members of the BBC staff unions, the NUJ, BECTU and Unite are now voting in a consultative ballot on the BBC's latest pensions offer.

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