Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MP takes Atangana case up with Home Secretary

Islington South MP Emily Thornberry has taken up the case of journalist Charles Atangana, who is fighting deportation to Cameroon, with Home Secretary Theresa May.

In a letter to May, Thornberry says: "I understand that Mr. Atangana claims to have been tortured and detained for writing about political corruption in Cameroon, and therefore faces great personal danger if he was deported.

"I also understand that Mr. Atangana has been living in Glasgow since 2004 where he has made a valuable contribution to British society, including voluntary work at the Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau and the Maryhill Integration Network.

"At the High Court hearing on October 7, Mr. Atangana's case was adjourned for three months to allow extra evidence to be prepared and reviewed to support his claim to remain in the UK.

"I would be grateful for any action you can take to ensure Mr. Atangana's case is looked at fairly. On the basis of the claims made by Mr. Atangana and his barrister, I believe there would be a strong case for allowing him to remain in the UK."

The NUJ is campaigning for the journalist to be allowed to stay in the UK, saying his life could be at risk if he is deported because of his investigations into corruption.

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