Monday, 4 October 2010

He's back: Jon Gaunt goes into 'real politics'

Former Sun columnist, talkSPORT and SunTalk radio host Jon Gaunt has confirmed he is going into politics by backing the EU Referendum Campaign.

He tells followers on his Facebook page "Gaunty is back and he has gone in to real politics. The peoples revolution starts here right now! join the campaign," Gaunt is also presenting the campaign's first video press release.

The EU Referendum Campaign's objective is to gain as many referendums on the EU Lisbon Treaty in as many EU member states as possible.

The Facebook page adds in his typical shock jock style: "Gaunty says: ‘Give us our say on the European Union, Dave’ For years as the UK’s top phone-in host and one of the country’s most popular columnists Jon Gaunt has been listening to the real people of this great country…and they are not in the Westminster Village. ‘Real people are angry with the Political Elite, who have ...constantly ignored them and lied to them,’ says Jon.

"And there is one issue where the silence and the lies have been greatest and that issue is the European Union. ‘Blair promised us a Referendum…He lied. Brown promised us a Referendum…He lied.

"Then to add insult to injury the Prime Minister, David Cameron lied when he gave his so called ‘cast iron guarantee’ of a vote on Europe whilst in opposition only to perform a swift u-turn when elected. ‘What are the Political establishment so afraid of? How many times will our Prime Minister talk about the EU at the Tory Party conference? ‘Now, I want to make one thing clear…I am not telling people how to vote BUT I am demanding that the politicians (remember they are supposed to be working for you and me!) give us our democratic right and let us decide our nation’s future."

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