Monday, 4 October 2010

Dispatches on Andy Coulson and the NoW tonight

Dispatches on Channel 4 at 8 pm tonight examines the allegations that during Andy Coulson's time as editor of News of the World, phone hacking was a routine practice at the paper and carried out with his knowledge.

According to the Guardian, an unidentified former executive from the paper has told Dispatches that Coulson not only knew his reporters were using intercepted voicemail but was also personally involved. He is said to have told the programme: "Sometimes, they would say: 'We've got a recording' and Andy would say: 'OK, bring it into my office and play it to me' or 'Bring me, email me a transcript of it'."

The programme is presented by political journalist Peter Oborne (pictured) who Channel 4 says investigates the paper's working relationship with the police and claims of undue influence together with claims of intimidation against politicians, and explores the broader links between News International and the current government.

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George Dearsley said...

Surely Coulson now has to sue Dispatches or quit. No?