Monday, 11 October 2010

'Cameron can only depend on the Sun and Times'

Stephen Glover in the Independent today suggests a subtle political realignment of the Press has taken place following the Mail and Telegraph coming out so strongly against child benefit being withdrawn from high earners.

Glover writes: "Mr Cameron can only depend on The Times and The Sun, and their Sunday stablemates, with whose owner, Rupert Murdoch, a deal has been sealed in blood. They will support the Coalition until it is broken on the rocks. The Guardian, Independent and Mirror are obviously never going to be Tory cheerleaders, and such a role is not in the style of The Financial Times. That leaves a third element comprising the Mail and the Telegraph and, I suppose, the Express. While supporting the deficit reduction, they will continue to attack the Coalition over a succession of issues.

"How much does it matter to the Prime Minister? Quite a lot – hence the response, part angry, part bemused, of the Cameroons. Ted Heath probably enjoyed more support from the Telegraph and Mail during the upheavals of 1973 than Mr Cameron does now. Given the course he has set, however, it is difficult to see how he can appease his Tory critics. His worry is that these are early days, and the Coalition is still broadly popular. What will the right-wing Press be saying in two years' time when it is not?"

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Alan Norchi said...

Well, I have been rather surprised and a little disturbed by how kindly The Guardian has taken to Mr Cameron.