Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Spending review coverage outscores Rooney

The comprehensive spending review received most press coverage in the week ending Sunday 24 October beating the saga of Wayne Rooney's contract negotiations with Manchester United, according to journalisted.

The comprehensive spending review generated 1,045 articles; Wayne Rooney, threatening to leave Manchester United, 677 articles; the BBC, which avoided taking on the cost of TV licences for over-75s by offering to start paying for the World Service, BBC Monitoring, and various other bits and pieces, 109 articles.

According to journalisted "covered little" were Xi Jinping, reported to be the likely successor to President Hu Jintao after his promotion to China's military commission, 15 articles; the Obama adminstration announcing the largest US arms deal in history, going to Saudi Arabia, 9 articles; Jose Serra, an increasingly close contender for the Brazilian presidency run-off this weekend, 3 articles.

  • Celebs beat serious news: Coleen Rooney generated 78 articles vs. the protests in France over rising retirement age, 73 articles; British citizen Mary Bale fined £250 for throwing a cat in the bin this summer, 30 articles vs. the released post mortem in the inquest of Dr David Kelly's death, 27 articles; Elton John, with a jibe against the X-Factor, 46 articles vs. the cholera outbreak in Haiti, 33 articles.

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