Monday, 11 October 2010

Campaign plan for no vote on BBC pensions offer

A meeting of the NUJ Left on Saturday – attended by the union’s general secretary Jeremy Dear and president Pete Murray – agreed to support BBC reps from all unions around the corporation who want to campaign for a no vote in the consultative ballot over a new pension deal.

A strike was postponed last week after the corporation improved plans for a career-average pension to replace the final salary scheme which covers most employees.

Reps from the NUJ, BECTU, and Unite agreed to consult BBC members – without making a recommendation about whether to support the new deal. The new offer, which will include seven pages of explanation, is to be sent out with ballot papers later this week.

The plan is for leaflets arguing for a no vote to be handed out around the BBC’s offices. The aim of the campaigners is to give BBC workers who don’t like the deal the confidence to vote no. The NUJ ballot was due to start last week but was delayed because the BBC wanted to revise its “final offer”.

Source: Miles Barter's new blog The Workers United

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