Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dear attacks PM over 'delicious' BBC cuts claim

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear has hit out at Prime Minister David Cameron for describing cuts at the BBC as "delicious".

Cameron, in response to a question on the EU budget from Newsnight's Michael Crick, stated: "We’re all in it together, including, deliciously, the BBC, who in another negotiation agreed a licence fee freeze for six years. So what is good for the EU is good for the BBC.”

Dear told the Telegraph today: "“David Cameron’s comments, revelling in the prospect of people losing their jobs and services being axed, are crass and insensitive. They appear to betray his real feelings about the BBC. He’s happy to hand over more money to the EU while cutting resources to one of our most important national institutions.”

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Anonymous said...

BBC licence fee is a poll tax