Wednesday, 6 October 2010

May your Ryder Cup coverage overfloweth

Coverage of the Ryder Cup at a rain swept Celtic Manor in Newport led the pack for press coverage for the week ending Sunday 3 October, according to Journalisted.

It says the Ryder Cup attracted 878 articles; followed by more Coalition cuts to public sector wages, the science budget, and child benefits, 368 articles; and Al-Qaeda, linked to a suspected European-wide terror plot, 103 articles.

Covered little were new revelations of the cyber worm 'Stuxnet' attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, 21 articles; a British Gaza-bound vessel carrying Jewish activists, stopped and sent home by the Israeli army, 7 articles; and 'slavery' onboard West African trawlers, fishing illegally for the European market, 3 articles.

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poker affiliate said...

Its kind sad when coverage of sporting events exceed the coverage of important political or social issues.