Wednesday 23 December 2009

Sun claims 'creeping' privacy laws stops it naming Premier manager caught in brothel

The Sun's splash today is about a Premier League manager caught in a brothel but the paper claims:"Creeping privacy laws in the UK, based on the Human Rights Act, mean we are barred from naming him."
The story says: "A Premier League manager spent more than an hour in the company of hookers in a "Thai" vice den, The Sun can reveal. And when confronted by our reporters as he left, the married boss smiled and shamelessly admitted he knew it was a brothel."
Premier League managers are a small group and it could be argued that by not being able to name the manager the Sun story puts them all under suspicion.
If a paper ran a story saying the editor of a national newspaper had been caught in a brothel and did not name them, the rest wouldn't be very pleased.


George Dearsley said...

I believe the letters A and G will be significant in this story.

bmpharmacy said...

I dont see what is the big deal, if a person wants to be with hookers is his problem, nobody else business.