Wednesday 16 December 2009

Editor & Publisher editor on mag's closure: 'It took 125 years to build and 10 minutes to kill'

Editor & Publisher editor Greg Mitchell (above) writes movingly here about the shock decision by publisher Nielsen to pull the plug on the oldest magazine dedicated to journalism in the US.
He writes: "We knew some sort of deal was pending, and expected to be part of it, or left behind at a Nielsen happy with its new income from the deal — and perhaps ready to, finally, spend a little on us, notably to upgrade our when-dinosaurs-walked-the-earth Web site. It was not to be, even though we had never been warned that we were on the brink and didn’t seem to be facing any bigger challenges than 90 percent of all magazines these days."
He adds: "We were swamped with emails from longtime fans who expressed outrage at the sudden closing, offered to send money (or help us go online), praised our work and said this meant doom for the newspaper industry. I wouldn’t exactly go along with that final prediction, but it was good to hear so many tell us how much they loved us and what a big role we had played in their lives, some going back decades. . .
"...the outpouring of support — staggering, really — has been so overwhelming that not only will we be publishing our January 2010 edition, there’s at least a decent chance that someone will step forward and help us continue. If not, staff members may join together in some kind of (unpaid) online effort. Stay tuned. And thanks for the memories."

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