Friday 11 December 2009

Editor & Publisher: Hopes for a saviour

The closure of journalism trade title Editor & Publisher has got huge media coverage in the US and the magazine received more than 1,000 emails from readers expressing shock and support.
E&P reports:"As word spread, rapidly, on Thursday about the sudden shuttering of Editor & Publisher, after 125 years, both in print and online, by its parent Nielsen Co., major publications and Web news outlets covered the news with prominent reports.
"The news made the home page of The New York Times, received lengthy reports in The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and other leading papers, along with NPR, CBS News, and other leading outlets, along with hundreds of Web sites and blogs."
The name "Editor & Publisher" was number 4 in the top "trending topic" on Twitter -- beating out everyone from Tiger Woods to Santa.
E&P adds: "Staffers received 1000 or more emails -- many from well-known media figures -- expressing shock and/or support, some pledging to send money for print or online subscriptions to keep the magazine going."
E&P editor Greg Mitchell was quoted by numerous outlets declaring that the wide show of support gave him hope that someone or some company would step forward and maintain the operation in some form.