Wednesday 23 December 2009

Best of 2009: Judith Townend

Judith Townend, senior reporter,, picks her Best Media of 2009.

Best old media: La Repubblica's Ten Questions for Berlusconi and its global petition signed by many European newspaper editors.

Best new media: The online gallery for Jane Bown's lifetime of work at the Observer. Simple, but absolutely stunning For something small and independent, The Ventnor Blog's coverage of the Vestas sit-in in the Isle of Wight showcased how new local sites can competently compete with established brands: national and local.

Story of the year: Everyone has said expenses, but perhaps Obama and the Fly? Or Brown and the misreported biscuit question? Impossible to choose one, but Wikleaks' ongoing reportage of the extra-judicial killings / disappearances in Kenya sticks in my mind; some mainstream British media also picked it up but Wikileaks' Cry of Blood Report from the year before provides the context.

Journalist of the Year: Paul Lewis' work in the Guardian has been pretty impressive.

Prediction for 2009: I'll be conservative: More mobile and more mainstream paywalling. It would be great to see some further political progress with the Libel Reform campaign too.

Best ofs, so far: Patrick Smith; Grey Cardigan; Jean Morgan; Neil Fowler; Chris Wheal; Adrian Monck; Paul Linford; Jo Wadsworth; Steve Dyson; Steve Busfield; Sam Shepherd.

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