Monday 7 December 2009

Would Tiger's privacy be protected in UK?

Tiger Woods' plea for privacy after revelations about his sex life have been ignored by the world's media.
But Stephen Glover in the Independent today asks if Tiger was British could he have persuaded a judge to act to protect his privacy.
Glover writes: "The interesting question is whether the coverage would have been quite as frank and breathless had the golfer been British.
"Would Carter-Ruck or Schillings have persuaded some understanding judge that some of it abused his right to privacy? There is a notorious case involving Mr Justice Eady. A prominent figure in the sports world who had had an affair with another man's wife was granted an order by the judge preventing the betrayed husband from naming him in the media. Might a British Mr Woods have been granted an order, for example on the basis that his wife's sanity or his children's well-being was being threatened?"

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