Thursday 24 December 2009

Best of 2009: Ian Reeves

Former Press Gazette editor Ian Reeves editor, now head of learning and teaching at the Centre for Journalism at the University of Kent, picks his Best Media of 2009.

Best Old Media: Has to be the Telegraph. Masterful treatment of the expenses scandal, forcing everybody else to dance to its tune for days on end. I can't help imagining the lifelong shame of the Times executives who turned the story down first, and The Sun execs who then botched the negotiations for the leaked data.

Best New Media: ABT. Anything But Twitter. The New York Times for its Open Source project, in which it has allowed developers to have access to some of its archives and other data.

Best story: I refer the honorable gentleman to the answer I gave a few moments ago. MPs' exes.

Best journalist: The fictitious Gus Haines, from the final series of The Wire - the editor many of us would have liked to be: instinctive, nurturing, old school, hard-but-fair. And despairing of the suits on the floors above. In the real world I'd go for Suzanne Breen of the Sunday Tribune in Northern Ireland, for her fight to protect her sources from the PSNI.

Prediction for 2010: The rise and rise of Augmented Reality.

Best ofs, so far: Laura Oliver; Judith Townend;Patrick Smith; Grey Cardigan; Jean Morgan; Neil Fowler; Chris Wheal; Adrian Monck; Paul Linford; Jo Wadsworth; Steve Dyson; Steve Busfield; Sam Shepherd.

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