Friday 11 December 2009

Quotes of the Week

Rupert Murdoch in the Wall Street Journal: "In the new business model, we will be charging consumers for the news we provide on our Internet sites. The critics say people won't pay. I believe they will, but only if we give them something of good and useful value. Our customers are smart enough to know that you don't get something for nothing."

Kelvin MacKenzie on Sky News on the Daily Mirror's pro-Labour Pre-Budget Report coverage: "It needs a new party or a new editor".

Kelvin MacKenzie in the Sun on PRs:"I know a lot of PRs and basically it is money for old rope. If you are famous, you will get your name in the papers and, if you're not, you won't. And they charge £20,000 a year for that kind of stuff. You should try it - everybody else is."

The Daily Telegraph forecasts trouble ahead for the Guardian: "A change in Government after next year's general election is likely to be disastrous for the Guardian's revenue from public sector job adverts, on which it has long depended, as the Conservatives have strongly hinted they will save money by moving much of the advertising online."

Committee to Protect Journalists' executive director Joel Simon:“Today, journalists on the front lines are increasingly working independently. The rise of online journalism has opened the door to a new generation of reporters, but it also means they are vulnerable.”

Editor Greg Mitchell on the news that his magazine Editor & Publisher is to close: "I'm shocked that a way was not found for the magazine to continue it some form -- and remain hopeful that this may still occur."

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