Tuesday 15 December 2009

Best of 2009: Paul Linford

HoldtheFrontPage publisher Paul Linford picks his best media of 2009.

Best old media: The Daily Telegraph.

Best new media: Twitter – fast becoming the most reliable source of good stories.

Best story: MPs’ expenses, as if you need to ask.

Best journalist: Nationally, Benedict Brogan has had a stellar year, fronting for the Telegraph on MPs’ expenses and then being promoted to deputy editor. In the regional press I would nominate multi award-winner Jon Austin of the Basildon Echo, who continually demonstrates that good old-fashioned investigative journalism in the local press is alive and well.

Prediction for 2010: That Ms Claire Enders will be left with even more egg on her face as more and more regional newspapers refuse to fade away. If the big publishers do decide to close more titles, the best ones will either be picked up by smaller newspaper groups, as the Whitchurch Herald was earlier this year, or bought up by local entrepreneurs content to operate on smaller margins.

Tomorrow: He's back. Ex-head of journalism at City University, Adrian Monck.

Best ofs, so far: Jo Wadsworth; Steve Dyson; Steve Busfield.


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