Tuesday 8 December 2009

Dyson picks up award for Birmingham Mail

Birmingham Mail editor Steve Dyson picks up a prestigious award today in his last month in charge of the paper.
The Mail has beaten nationwide competition to win the award for ‘Best regional newspaper’ at the Plain English Campaign annual awards.
The judges said that "a good regional newspaper will always have the local community at the heart of its work, and the Birmingham Mail demonstrates this more than most."
The panel further praised the Mail for its "clean, concise writing, its visually appealing layout and its use of good headlines" concluding that this made for "a newspaper which is interesting, engaging and, above all, enjoyable to read".
Dyson, who leaves the Birmingham Mail at the end of the year, said: "This is a tremendous tribute to all the staff at the paper. We strive to be concise and appealing to all, so to be recognised as the Best Regional Newspaper at a time of such change in the industry just shows how hard-working and committed our staff are."
Dyson will pick up the award from Lenny Henry in London today.

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