Thursday 10 December 2009

Best of 2009: Steve Busfield

Steve Busfield, head of media and technology for Guardian News and Media and life member of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, choses his best media of 2009 as he opens the batting on my Xmas Questionnaire.

Best old media: The Times. Consistently classy newspaper.

Best new media: Twitter. A name that annoyed old media world, but had to be embraced as a means of communication.

Story of the year: MPs' expenses. Credit to the Telegraph, they did it brilliantly. Special mention to the Guardian's G20 Ian Tomlinson investigation.

Journalist of the Year: Paul Lewis (Guardian's G20 investigator).

Prediction for 2009: Digital paywalls for (almost) all old media. Whether they work is the big question.

Next in: Tomorrow Steve Dyson, the outgoing editor of the Birmingham Mail.


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