Friday 18 December 2009

Best of 2009: Sam Shepherd

Sam Shepherd, Digital Projects Co-ordinator, at the Bournemouth Echo, choses her 'Best Media of 2009'.

Best old media: The Guardian, for Trafigura, Ian Tomlinson and the way they crowd-sourced the MPs expenses data. On a more local level, special mention for the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times. As old fashioned a weekly broadsheet as you'll come across but the readers love it and it's always crammed with advertising.

Best new media: A predictable answer, but Twitter (if it still counts as "new", that is!)

Best story: MPs' expenses, although I'm not sure it's achieved anything except to make people even more cynical about politics.

Best journalist: Paul Lewis, for the Ian Tomlinson investigation. Proper reporting, that.

Prediction for 2010: A widening gap between the newspapers and groups that push the boundaries of what can be done online and those that close down their online content, either behind paywalls or as part of a drive back towards the print product.

Tomorrow: Neil Fowler

Best ofs, so far: Chris Wheal; Adrian Monck; Paul Linford; Jo Wadsworth; Steve Dyson; Steve Busfield.

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