Thursday 24 December 2009

Good luck to Editor & Publisher

My Christmas wish is that Editor & Publisher magazine survives.
Here is what is hopefully not its last post:"Due to overwhelming reader and advertiser demand, Editor & Publisher is completing what may be its final issue, after 125 years, the January 2010 edition. But there's still a chance that the magazine will survive.
"The January issue will be mailed to subscribers around Jan. 4. In a surprise move, E&P's parent, the Nielsen Co., revealed on Dec. 10 that the magazine, along with sibling Kirkus Reviews, would be shut down at the end of this month, and many assumed no more issues would be printed.
"But the outpouring of support for E&P from within and outside the newspaper industry, and from readers and advertisers alike, led to a decision by staffers to go forward with the January issue, and continuing to post stories at E&P Online until Jan. 1 when, under current plans, the end of the line will arrive.
"Meanwhile, a number of outside companies and individuals have expressed interest in possibly keeping E&P going, so stay tuned for updates. Thanks again for the thousands of messages of support and media/Web coverage. And happy holidays to all."


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