Monday 15 December 2008

Steve Busfield's Best of 2008

Steve Busfield, Guardian News and Media's head of media and technology, picks his Best of 2008.

Best old/trad media of the year: It has been a funny old year for old media, with so many cutbacks and redundancies. Would it be wrong of me to say The Guardian? We are moving to a new building (which is fabulous) and integrating (which as everyone knows is incredibly complicated, but I am optimistic that it will work well). Ask me again in 2009.

Best new media of the year: Surely that must be the emergence of an old media giant into shiny new media:

Best story of the year: Hard to choose because in their different ways the Olympics in China, Zimbabwe, Shannon Matthews, the US elections and the global financial meltdown were all great copy. If I have to pick one then it will have to be the credit crunch, which still has a long way to go.

Prediction for 2009: The credit crunch will get worse. I'm fearing full-blown 1930s depression.

Tomorrow: Neil Fowler, former editor of Which? and a string of newspapers, picks his best media buys of 2008 and makes a dramatic prediction for the regional press next year. Don't miss it!

Rest of the Best of 2008 so far: Paul Linford, Adrian Monck , Grey Cardigan , Jean Morgan

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