Sunday 7 December 2008

Changing face of football fans

I used to cover Lincoln City Football Club for a news agency in the days when fans ate meat pies rather than prawn sandwiches. So it was a bit of a culture shock to overhear two women chatting in the butcher's yesterday. "Are you going to the football?" asked one. "No, we've got tickets to see Oedipus at the National," replied her friend. The shop is in Islington, home of the Arsenal where the fans make the players cry. At Lincoln it was the other way round.


Busfield said...

Very funny. Or just sad. Whatever happened to all the promises to the local community that Arsenal made when they were allowed to build their fancy new stadium on land occupied by the old refuse tip (there's a joke in there somewhere)? A new sports centre for all, improved facilities at the tube station etc.

Ian Reeves said...

Mind you, I had cause to visit Islington's new refuse tip the other day. Or rather, Recycling Centre. And a very nice experience it was too. All under cover. No queue. Lots of helpful staff to help me sort my scrap metals from my hard plastics. Very much the Emirates of the recycling world. And almost as good as visit to the National.