Monday 29 December 2008

Miles Barter's Best of 2008

Miles Barter, NUJ campaigns officer, picks his best media of 2008.

Best old/trad media of the year: The Salford Star - proper local investigations and features. And BBC Radio Five Live maintains it's high standards. Richard Bacon has been a revelation on the late show - while the return of Danny Baker to 606 means it's Christmas every Tuesday.

Best new media of the year: The Stirrer( - proper local news and features.

Best story of the year: Marx and Engels were right about capitalism - and Manchester has become the Kenya of cycling.

Prediction for 2009: Capitalism stays in crisis as big brands go bust. And premier league soccer is in crisis as the prawn sandwich brigade pull out and the fans can't afford the crazy prices.

Rest of the Best of, so far: Paul Linford, Adrian Monck , Grey Cardigan , Jean Morgan, Steve Busfield, Neil Fowler, Ian Reeves, Dominic Ponsford, Michael Crozier, Judith Townend and Laura Oliver, Patrick Smith, Ruth Addicott, Sue Curtis.

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