Wednesday 3 December 2008

Sally Murrer praises the 'solid brick wall' of journalists who helped her through court ordeal

Sally Murrer has praised the "incredible support" she had from journalists while undergoing her 19 month ordeal after being arrested and charged over receiving information from police sources.
Murrer, who worked for the Milton Keynes Citizen, tells in a video interview with Journalist editor Tim Gopsill how terrified she was by the court proceedings until "this solid brick wall of high calibre journalists I had never met, who just surrounded me and looked after me....who picked me up when I was down. I knew there was a camaraderie in journalism but did not how much." She also praises the NUJ which provided her with expert legal advice. Sally Muller's ordeal ended last week when a judge threw out the charges against her. You can see the interview here on youtube

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