Tuesday 9 December 2008

Roy Greenslade disembowels the Barclays

GuardianMedia commentator Roy Greenslade lets rip at the Barclay brothers and the Telegraph Media Group management today accusing them of "disembowelling" the Daily Telegraph.
The no holds barred attack is classic Greenslade at his angriest and follows the news that Craig Brown and AN Wilson are the latest to leave the paper. He writes:"TMG's owners, the Barclay boyos, have never given a stuff about journalism. They are notoriously touchy about any criticism. They have been happy to use laws that inhibit press freedom. They want their papers to be mouthpieces for their own reactionary opinions and clamp down - through intermediaries - on anything that runs counter to their views."
The Barclays are going to absolutely hate this.
Roy was briefly a media commentator for the Daily Telegraph until he quit in a row over management interference.

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