Friday 12 December 2008

Jon Gaunt hits back at Matthew Norman taunts

Shock-jock Jon Gaunt, fired from talkSPORT for calling a councillor "a Nazi", has snapped today and hit back at Independent media columnist Matthew Norman in his Sun column. "Gaunty" describes Norman's media column, which has baited him for weeks, as "pathetic" adding: "He seems to think it's funny to poke fun at my radio sacking rather than supporting me in my right to free speech." And he suggests a motive: "I don't suppose his lack of support is anything to do with the fact that he has been trying out for a gig on TalkSquawk these past few weeks." This feud will run and run.
Meanwhile, Gaunt is still promising a to announce "big news" on his website He's not joining another radio station is he?


RussWWFC said...

What else do we expect from "Norman the nonce's mate, apart from bitterness and jealousy towards the great Gaunty. TalkSQUAWK have messed up big style and will pay the price with falling listeners, maybe they will get as few as Norman's "column"

cialis online said...

Well I'm a agree with that we have the right of expression but called to someone a "nazi" well thats abuse of that right.