Wednesday 3 December 2008

Marcel Berlins a must read in Guardian today

Marcel Berlins column in The Guardian today is a must read. Not only does he put the MPs reaction to the Damian Green affair into perspective. "I cannot remember the last time there has been such hysteria over something so relatively minor as the Damian Green affair. Rarely can so many normally reasonable people have lost so many of their marbles."
He also speaks up for the "war-zone fixers" who help journalists report from the world's conflict zones. Berlins writes about Ajmal Naqshbandi, who was murdered by the Taliban last year, while the Italian journalist who was captured with him was freed. He said of the treatment of fixers: "Things have improved recently, but not uniformly. Some organisations have introduced insurance, but that is not usual. Naqshbandi's family got nothing. They will be helped a little by the Frontline's fixer's fund campaign. The families of many other fixers, dead or badly injured, will not even be that lucky."

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