Sunday 7 December 2008

Jon Gaunt hopes for 'big news' next week

Sacked talkSport host Jon Gaunt has posted a message to his supporters on his website stating that he hopes to be able to announce "big news" next week.
He says: "I want to apologise for not being in a position yet to tell you the big news that was expected on Tuesday. However I am sure that you understand that these things do take time and in this case it is all taking a little longer than I expected or wanted. Hopefully early next week I will be able to say something."
Gaunt, also a Sun columnist, claims:"It would seem as if talkSPORT are still being swamped by e mails of protest as they are now using at least three people to send out the automated standard reply to you."
Gaunt claims 20,000 supporters have called for his reinstatement after he was sacked for calling a councillor a "Nazi" on air. Despite his outspoken right-wing views, Gaunt has won the support of civil rights group Liberty.

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