Tuesday 16 December 2008

Neil Fowler's Best of 2008

Neil Fowler, who has edited Which?, the Western Mail, The Journal, Newcastle, Derby Evening Telegraph and Lincolnshire Echo, and been publisher-CEO of the Toronto Sun, names his Best of 2008.

Best old/trad media of the year: The Economist - still growing, still brilliantly written and edited - and with a high cover price. It shows there's still hope for the old inkies amongst us.

Best new media of the year: Most successful - has to be Google, still, frighteningly - but not sure that makes it the best. The best? How about jointly the Sun and Mail sites? They've worked out how to get visitors galore - and nothing's going to stop them converting those eyeballs in to increasing cash flow.

Best story of the year: Worst, really - the credit crunch - and its deepening effects.

Prediction for 2009: For the media: Regional newspaper groups will force the Government's hand over ownership rules with a high-profile deal that will cost many jobs if it doesn't go through. And for the public: Savers will rebel and become much more vociferous against low interest rates.

Tomorrow: A bumper 'Best of 2008' from Ian Reeves, director of learning and teaching at the new Centre of Journalism at the University of Kent. He can teach us a thing or two. Don't be late for lessons.

Rest of the Best of 2008 so far: Paul Linford, Adrian Monck , Grey Cardigan , Jean Morgan, Steve Busfield.

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