Monday 22 December 2008

Something Greenslade and Glover can agree on: The Daily Telegraph is tragic

MediaGuardian commentator Roy Greenslade earlier this month lambasted the Barclay brothers, accusing them of "disembowelling" the Telegraph following the sacking of many of the newspaper's best known journalists. Today it's Stephen Glover's turn.
In his Independent media column, Glover describes what is happening at The Daily Telegraph as "a national tragedy". He makes the startling claim: "If The Daily Telegraph continues down the path of trying to be like the Daily Mail it will be slaughtered."
Greenslade and Glover don't always see eye to eye. Back in September Glover was so angry about a piece Greenslade wrote in the Evening Standard on the revamped Independent that he thundered: "We pundits are sometimes cruel or unfair. I have certainly written things I later regretted. But I wonder whether I have ever sunk as low as my esteemed colleague Professor Roy Campbell-Greenslade did in his media column in the London Evening Standard last week."

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