Monday 15 December 2008

Nick Davies to launch NUJ jobs summit

Nick Davies, author of Flat Earth News, has been lined up to open the NUJ's "Jobs Summit" on January 24 which will look at ways of defending journalism and protecting journalists during the current jobs' crisis in the industry.
NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear says on his blog today: "The meeting is building up to be quite an event as ever more dire predictions about the future of parts of the industry reach us." He quotes the prediction by Claire Enders, as reported in Press Gazette, that a third of regional newspapers, two national newspapers and half of the jobs in the regional media could be gone by 2013. "With Trinity Mirror having already axed 44 titles and Newsquest announcing a further 11 title closures, her predictions are looking less and less 'out there'," Dear says.
Davies in Flat Earth News used the word "churnalism" to describe over-stretched reporters churning out easy stories, often from PR handouts, rather than digging for news.

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