Thursday 19 August 2010

WikiLeaks pledges to get round Government bans

WikiLeaks has launched ThaiLeaks to get round the ban imposed on the whistleblowing website by the Thai government.
WikiLeaks said today: "For unknown reasons the Thai Government has closed access to the Wikileaks website. This means that Thai internauts and webizens are not allowed to take part in the current netbased movement of freedom. This is not acceptable, anywhere in the world.
"Therefore we make all Thai-related content from the Wikileaks website available for direct download. We will continue doing this for every country that blocks essential internet infrastructure. The internet is an intricate system of tunnels, we will dig a hole in every national firewall."
WikiLeaks adds: "This is not about disrespecting the Thai State or the Royal family. It is about making a statement for the freedom of information."

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