Tuesday 24 August 2010

Guardian persuades rising star Paul Lewis to stay

The Guardian has persuaded Paul Lewis, one of the paper's rising stars, to stay in a new role rather than leave for The Times.
The award-winning reporter will head up a newly-created multimedia special projects team for the Guardian, it was announced today. Lewis was due to join The Times in September as a special correspondent.
The Guardian says that Dan Roberts, who takes over as the Guardian's national news editor next month, will work with Lewis to recruit a small team finding new angles on breaking news stories, including using multimedia and crowdsourcing.
Lewis used these techniques in his investigation into the details of the death of Ian Tomlinson at the 2009 G20 protest in London, for which he won reporter of the year at the British Press Awards in March and the Tony Bevins Rat Up a Drain Pipe award for outstanding investigative journalism.

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