Wednesday 11 August 2010

Bournemouth Echo: 'We won't be held to ransom'

Bournemoth Echo sports editor Neil Meldrum has written an opinion piece today about why the paper has refused to buy pictures from Southampton Football Club of last night's Carling Cup match against Bournemouth.
Southampton wants the media to buy pictures taken by its own staff and has banned the media from sending their own photographers to cover matches.
Meldrum (picrtured), a Southampton fan, writes: "This once proud club has been turned into a laughing stock, both by the shambolic previous regime and the control freaks of the current one. Mr Cortese [Southampton chairman] clearly thinks his club will make a buck or two by syndicating pictures taken by their own man. I’ve got news for you, Nicola: You won’t. If newspapers hate one thing, it is the greed of people like you and we press people tend to stick together in defiance of arrogance.
"Yes, the Echo has let its readers down today by not printing pictures of last night’s match. But we will not be held to ransom by the likes of Nicola Cortese. Good luck with the promotion bid, because if you fail, there will be plenty of papers standing by with a chuckle and sharpened pencil"

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