Monday 30 August 2010

Howzat! News of the World scoop leads dailies

The News of the World's scoop on the Pakistan cricket team betting scandal is the lead in The Times and Guardian today as well as being followed up by all the major broadcasters.
A victory for the type of red top undercover "sting" journalism often frowned upon by the more serious newspapers and broadcasters.
Stephen Glover writes in the Independent today: "It is fashionable to decry the Murdoch-owned News of the World for being vulgar and hypocritical. The paper undoubtedly took a knock when Mr Justice Eady ruled that it had infringed the privacy of Formula One boss Max Mosley as he indulged in an outlandish orgy.
"But the red-top has carried on with a succession of impressive "stings". Yesterday's story that members of the Pakistan cricket team have allegedly delivered "no-balls" in return for cash payments is its most influential for a long time, and led BBC news bulletins for many hours. It was even sorrowfully mentioned by the vicar at a church service I attended. If true, the story is profoundly depressing to all cricket-lovers, but most will be grateful that the News of the World had the courage and ingenuity to publish it. Is there another newspaper in this country that would have done so?"
  • The cricket scandal is also the splash in the Sun and Mirror.

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