Thursday 12 August 2010

Journalist facing deportation is granted bail

Exiled Cameroonian journalist Charles Atangana was granted bail for six weeks today following a campaign by the NUJ to stop him being deported.
It will mean that the journalist who is now based in Glasgow will be able to prepare his application for permission to seek a Judicial Review. The NUJ claims Atangana's life could be in danger if he is forced to return to Cameroon because of his record of reporting corruption in the country.
NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear said: "Though this is just one step in the campaign to prevent Charles' deportation back into the hands that has already imprisoned and tortured him for his brave reporting of corruption at the heart of the Cameroonian regime, it is nonetheless a tremendous victory for all the trade unionists, campaign groups, politicians and individuals who have lent their support to the campaign so far. Our thanks go out to them.
"The campaign to stop his detention will now intensify - but now with Charles himself at the forefront of the campaign."

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