Tuesday 31 August 2010

Michael Vaughan: Why has it taken a British newspaper sting to expose cricket corruption?

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan, writing in the Telegraph says that following the News of the World scoop on bet fixing that the game's administrators will have to act.
He says: "It was a terrible day for cricket on Sunday but in a strange way it might be a good one because finally the game's administrators cannot run and hide.
"They have to face up to how deeply rooted in certain aspects of the game match-fixing can be because this is the first time we have seen real evidence of a fixer being caught on camera. He has indicated what will happen in a match and it has turned out to be true. It is the first time I remember there being real substance to the rumours and whispers that have been around for many years within the game of cricket."
Vaughan adds: "The future will hold some pretty uncomfortable questions for the Anti-Corruption Unit at the International Cricket Council. Why has it taken a British newspaper sting to bring it out in the open? What has the ACU been doing? It has operatives working all over the world and the ACU costs the game millions. But a British newspaper story has blown it open. It is embarrassing."

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