Monday 2 August 2010

Has a newspaper given the Taliban a 'to-do' list?

David Leigh in Media Guardian today on the WikiLeaks Afghan War Logs notes: "Damage control efforts by the White House did not improve until the weekend. We then saw the spectacle of generals, with gallons of innocent civilian blood on their hands, orating that WikiLeaks had potentially failed to do enough to protect local Afghans.
"Some media organisations, who had not got the story themselves, then joined in. One disappointed paper deliberately provided the Taliban with a to-do list: it drew their attention to specific Wikileaks documents they might inspect in order to take reprisals. The low point was perhaps reached by Channel 4 News, which respectfully quoted a 'spokesman' for the bearded murderers, as he uttered promises of revenge on alleged informants. It felt like PR for the Taliban."

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