Monday 2 August 2010

It's grim down South: Website hits back at BBC executives who won't move to North West

How-Do, the North West media website, has reacted to all the stories about BBC execs not being prepared to give up London for the move to Salford.
How-Do says it has "discovered the existence of some dreary backwater called Twickenham, where poor BBC execs are being forced to spend upwards of £1.50 for a pint and £1.5m for a decent place to live."
It adds, in reference to a Daily Mail story: "While it won’t be the last news we hear of a Salford-bound BBC manager delaying their relocation, or London papers reigniting Northern stereotypes, How-Do felt it was time to act."
The website has gathering together the opinions of "the great and the good" from the region to help fearful BBC staff see the other side of the North West, "the one that isn’t entirely populated by damp, Eccles cake munching layabouts."
It points out that Salford's MediaCityUK is "within spitting distance (don’t tell us you haven’t tried) of Old Trafford, it’s also worth pointing out that Cheshire’s millionaire belt is a half-hour commute away if you miss overpriced pads and pints."

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