Wednesday 11 August 2010

Sun bans Southampton from cup match report

The Sun today refuses to name Southampton in its report of the Carling Cup match against Bournemouth last night and describes the club only as "South Coast Team".
The name ban is a protest at the decision by the club to ban the media from sending photographers to cover matches at Southampton's ground. Instead the club wants to get the media to pay for pictures taken by its own staff.
The Sun tells readers today the name ban "is solely down to the actions of club chief Nicola Clotese, a man who has decided to ban national and local newspapers from taking photographs of the game. We apologise unreservedly to the club's sponsors and fans who are being left out of the picture by his imbecilic actions.."
  • 'Clotese' is the Sun's nickname for Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolute farce, now im no fan of the Sun, but if a reporter comes to St Mary's, he has all the necessary credentials etc, why in gods earth can he not take photos? Do we really need to hold a monopoly on which picture is used, is it a good likeness, is there too much mud on players shorts?
As a SAINT, I hope this is resolved very soon, or we will rename ourselves "The Opposition" !!!