Tuesday 10 August 2010

Who are ya? Sun snubs Southampton F.C. as 'South Coast Team' in photographer ban row

The Sun has hit back at Southampton Football Club's ban on photographers by describing the Saints as "South Coast Team" v Bournemouth in its list of tonight's Carling Cup fixtures.
The decision to banish any mention of Southampton from the Sun is in retaliation for the club imposing a ban on media organisations sending their own photographers to cover matches at its ground. Instead, Southampton proposes to sell pictures to the media taken by its own staff. (See post below)


Matt Bushby said...

Thats so grown up, a club trying to make a bit of money! Anyway they still posted it on their website!

Anonymous said...

They refer to them as Southampton on the same page a bit further down. I'm wondering if it only has something to do with the carling cup!!